Darigold is proud to help nourish our world. This shared sense of pride runs from our farmer-owners to each individual employee. Dairy is one of nature’s most nutritious, perfect foods – and at Darigold, nourishing the world is one of our core brand promises. It goes hand-in-hand with our commitment to quality, taste, value and service that customers have come to expect for nearly a century. These dual commitments are integrated with our most recent pledge to become a dairy industry leader in social and environmental responsibility.

Over four generations, Darigold farmers have been stewards of their land, animals and environment. In 2008 we decided to formalize our efforts through a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. Since then, Darigold has instituted several initiatives and metrics across six core areas of focus from our farms to our consumers tables. Along the way, others have noticed and rewarded our efforts with awards and recognition.

Darigold Corporate Social Responsibility Reports

2012 CSR


2010 Darigold Corporate Social Responsibility Report
2010 CSR

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